Our Story

Beautifully decorated (and totally delish!) custom cakes and desserts are our specialty. Our products taste amazing because we select the best quality ingredients, and bake fresh each and every morning.

Our mission is to “wow” you with our presentation and comfort you with the nostalgia of scratch-made confections. Whether you stop in-store for a treat to brighten your day, or let us create a show-stopping centerpiece for your big day, each and every moment you have with Delish Cakery is something special to be celebrated. Our gorgeous presentation is also the perfect opportunity to give a delicious gift!

Our inspired designs, selection of quality ingredients, and attention to detail set us apart from the average bakery. Stop in our University-area store, or call us, to create your order today!


Photo-of-MeAryn Keogh, Owner

Meet the baker

Hello all! I’m Aryn Keogh and I own Delish Cakery, a specialty bakery located in Charlotte, North Carolina. People always ask how I got started baking and I always joke and say, “I have a sweet tooth that got really out of control!”

But seriously, here’s the short of it. I’m a Charlotte native (those do exist!) and come from a very artistic family. I was using my passion for art at a ‘normal job’ in a photography studio, when one day out of the blue, my Mom brought home a cookbook full of cupcake recipes. In my free time, I would test the recipes (because I always loved baking) and give the leftovers to my neighbors. Soon thereafter, they began to call and place orders for desserts, and I found myself very busy trying to keep up! I knew I had something when complete strangers started calling me for orders and so I took a leap of faith and left my photography job to focus full-time on my line of bakery products.

Today, I have grown Delish Cakery from a little side job run from my parents kitchen to a small business, with a storefront location (finally!). I absolutely love the creativity of baking and decorating and get much joy from receiving smiles, compliments, and great reviews from customers. It’s really wonderful to have the opportunity to make someone’s day by providing a mid-day treat, or wowing them with an incredible custom cake.  Come visit at my University area store, hope to see you soon!

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